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Who’s Yer Pirate?!

What are pirates doing in Indiana? What pirates do everywhere…take possession of goods for sale with no recompense to the former owners, who are often deceased any way. You never heard of pirates in the former Indian Territories? Well today you will. Matthew Phipps, of Bowling Green, Indiana learned about them the hard way. He […]

Off to the Printer!

Gents and Gentle Ladies, we went and raised enough pirate booty to take our vast treasure to yonder pawn shop to make an exchange for 300 CDs of The Pirate Flags: Songs of the Seas. Now ain’t THAT grand news! Come back and check the Captain’s Blog in the next week to see a wee […]

When We Were Sailors

Before pirating, we were sailors.  Merchant men and fishermen plying our individual trades on the open ocean.  Then the British Navy stopped our boats and ships in mid-ocean and impressed us, each and every man-jack of us, leaving our boats to float aimlessly, and the ships undermanned to continue their voyages.  It was easy to […]