What Reviewers Are Saying About The Pirate Flags Debut CD

What the reviewers are saying about The Pirate Flags:


“Now let me be clear.  While we cannot condone songs that glorify acts of criminal violence that took place in our own nation’s history,  we must also admit that these are catchy tunes that bring joy and entertainment to millions.”
President Barack Obama
“This band is undoing everything we have been investing in and working toward in rebranding the pirate image.”
Unknown Disney Executive
“Those posers aren’t playing real authentic pirate music.”
Captain Blackbeard
“I wish I had thought of this band.”
 Jim Henson, creator of The Muppets
“They have breathed new life into our case for reopening an official inquiry and plea for a royal pardon.”  Sir Percy Sludgebottom, Barrister for the Estate of Captain Kidd.
“We will never allow this western style decadence on the radio in our country.” Somalian Official
“The Pirate Flags remind us that we don’t need government trying to solve all of our problems. We can rely on the creativity of the private sector.” Republican Majority Leader
 “When we listened after our board meeting it was  like their historic sea shanties were still fresh and relevant, and speaking right to us.” Wall Street Mutual Fund Manager, leaked internal memo
“The Pirate Flag phenomenon is yet another example of a misguided and alienated form of resistance to the machinery of corporate media and propaganda serving elite interests.  Their music is a distorted form of expressing people’s legitimate aspirations for genuine democratic institutions capable of serving their real interests.” Prof. Noam Chomsky, leading dissident intellectual
“The song Blow the Man Down illustrates what a cultural threat to our children and the future of this country this band represents.” Religious Leader
“This is what we’ve been talking about before the movie starts. There is a serious fine for pirated recordings. They can expect to be hearing from us.” FBI Director
“A compelling story of rum-fueled musical chaos. A literary triumph of the human spirit.” New York Review of Books
“I don’t even know this band. We should stop talking about them. I have a pirate song coming out soon.”
 Contemporary female pop star
“Soon they will be bigger than John Lennon.” God
“How did they get in The Boston Globe?” The Boston Globe
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