Who’s Yer Pirate?!

What are pirates doing in Indiana? What pirates do everywhere…take possession of goods for sale with no recompense to the former owners, who are often deceased any way. You never heard of pirates in the former Indian Territories? Well today you will.

Matthew Phipps, of Bowling Green, Indiana learned about them the hard way. He left his store in Clay County to float down to New Orleans for trade and business. Setting in the West Fork of the White river in 1841 from Freedom in a flatboat, but he never returned.

Thirty-five years later his son John Phipps found a sword in a rotted, fallen tree. The sword would have been twenty-five feet above the ground the day it was wedged in that tree. It was said to be the marker for a buried treasure. Just as likely it was where Mathew met his end, pursued by pirates cheated of their booty.

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